GRC Jali Specification

GRC Jali Specification

GRC Jali Specification

UniStone GRC Jali Providing And Fixing

Providing and fixing Glass Reinforced Concrete (G.R.C.) Jalis in approved size, pattern, design, thickness and color ofM/s. UniStone make or equivalent. The Screens should be made from ‘53 grade’ White Portland Cement manufactured by ‘JK Cement’ or equivalent, Quartz, Fine Silica Sand, Alkali Resistant Glass Fiber manufactured by ‘NEG’ or equivalent, Super Plasticizers manufactured by ‘BASF’ or equivalent, Polymers manufactured by ‘BASF’ or equivalent and U.V. resistant Synthetic inorganic pigments should be used for pigmentation manufactured by ‘BAYFERROX (Germany)’ or equivalent.


The material casting should take place in Synthetic Rubber / FRPMould manufactured by ‘RECKLI’or equivalent. 

The fixtures used for fixing these screens are made of S.S. 304 quality and the no. of fixtures used generally depends on size, weight, thickness and the site fixing conditions. The fixtures used are well capable of taking the load of the screen and wind pressure at heights.

The actual fixing details for this product vary from site to site, as per the site conditions. For instance, for high rise buildings or for fixing a large piece of screen i.e. 20’ X 10’, Tower Crain and hydra are used to lift the piece, for fixing. The fixing takes place only after physical verification of measurements of opening where the product is supposed to be fixed.

UniStone GRC Jali Technical Specification

GRC Jali Specification Table