GRC Jali Fixing Detail

The fixing of GRC Jalis requires structural member support in following forms. It can be M.S Support
structure, S.S. Brick work or R.C.C. The structural support is required on either of two sides of the
screen, horizontally or vertically.

The fixtures used for fixing these screens/jalis are made of S.S. 304 quality and the no. of fixtures used
generally depends on size, weight, thickness and the site fixing conditions. The fixtures used are well
capable of taking the load of the screen and wind pressure at heights.

The actual fixing details for this product vary from site to site, as per the site conditions. For instance,
for high rise buildings or for fixing a large piece of screen i.e. 20’ X 10’, Tower Crane and hydra are used
to lift the piece, for fixing.

The fixing takes place only after physical verification of measurements of opening where the product is
supposed to be fixed.

GRC Jali Fixing – A Case Study

Site: Multilevel Elevated Car Parking, Baba Kharak
Singh Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi.
Item: GRC Architectural Features & Jalis
Client: M/s. DLF & N.D.M.C.

As per norms set by DUAC (Delhi Urban Act Commission), the multilevel elevated car parking facade should
match existing British Colonial Architecture of surrounding buildings located in Connaught Place.

Mr. Alok Ahluwalia (Architect) from M/s. Design Plus came up with this beautiful innovative design, which involved dressing up the exterior wall facades with gigantic GRC elements from all four sides of building. This building has a total of 42 GRC columns, out of which 22 columns are 18.75 meter in height and 20 remaining columns are 5.4 meter in height, all together achieving total column height of 24.15 meter. The total weight of one whole column is 5900 Kg’s (approx.)

GRC Jali Fixing Detail

GRC Jali Fixing Case Study

Transpiration, hoisting and fixing these gigantic column pieces, weighing up to 800 Kg. was a big challenge due to space constraints at site and regular traffic movement. Installation of tower crane was not possible.

Moreover, usage of scaffolding was also barred to bare minimum. These problems were surmounted by designing and fabricating special power winches to hoist the material and thereafter fixing was done on suspended cradle.

GRC Jali Fixing Process

GRC Jali Fixing Process


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