GRC Jali Design

The UniStone Modular jalis are ready made designs in fixed designed for quick applications. In customized GRC items there has to be a minimum quantity to justify creation of moulds, which also means a long gestation period.

For small residential and commercial sites it becomes an unfeasible proposition. Therefore UniStone has created some modular jalis to answer this specific requirement.

Modular GRC Jali Design – Zodiac

Zodiac                            Zodiac Fixing

This module does not have an border. Fixing is done on MS frame work using 25 mm thick MS Strips on which the GRC pieces are anchored by SS pins. The MS strips are camouflaged by painting in the same color as GRC.



In this module the borders are half the thickness of the inner members, so that when combined it gives a seamless appearance. Fixing is again by using 25X25mm ‘T’ strips and SS pins. The MS frame is painted in the same color as GRC to camouflage.


Figura Designing       Figura Fixing

In this module the border is 50 mm thick and the inner member is 35 mm thick. Fixing can be on MS Support framework, where th GRC Jali is anchored to the MS by SS screws or fixed on to the wall by SS ‘L’ shaped brackets and tie pins.


Louvers        Louvers Fixing

This module is used mainly to cover shafts in multistorey buildings. Fixing is done by using SS or galvanized fasteners. Drill holes are made in the GRC and then fasteners are inserted anchoring the GRC jali to the adjacent supporting wall.

Other Popular Modular GRC Jali Designs

Popular Modular GRC Jali Design


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