GRC Jali Solutions

UniStone Customized GRC Jali products offer architectural solutions for exteriors, our defining advantages are your tools for creative possibilities, your partners in sustainable and innovative design.


GRC Jali


UniStone GRC is made from white Portland cement, high zirconium content special alkali resistant glass fibers, fine silica quartz, polymers to increase toughness, UV resistant synthetic inorganic pigments and chemical admixtures.



It can be molded to from modern futuristic designs or to replicate traditional historic features. It can be made in stone finish, painted, in smooth or textured finish.

Screens, panels, cornices, columns and many architectural features can be made from GRC to substitute stone.


Dry Fixing

GRC elements are Dry fixed using stainless steel fixtures ensuring permanent fixing.



It is light weight (Compared to Concrete) high strength, corrosion resistant material with long term durability.


Screens OR Jalis

In India the maximum use of it has been in making creative screens and jalis to revolutionize facade design.


Cladding Panels

This can be molded into thin, light weight panels with a variety of shapes, forms and surface finishes.The panels are dry fixed.


Architectural Features

It can be cast to virtually any shape, columns, capitals, moldings, cornices, window & surrounding, fireplaces and many more architectural features can be made.



Compared to traditional concrete, it offers unrivaled range of material properties. It is being used abroad in bridges, tunnels, water & drainage, noise barriers etc.



Planter, signage, fountains and statues, to name but a few can all be made from GRC. Many of worlds largest theme parks and zoos use it to create rocks capes, replica building and other features.


Wood & Stone Veneer

This innovative technology is a thin light-weight product that gives the appearance of authentic natural wood and stone.

Worldwide Acceptance

Presently GRC is made in over 100 countries and has gained wide spread appreciation.


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